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with thanks to k_sra for the coining of the word halfbakeryday
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I would like to propose that August 10 be declared a public holiday. Sure, this year it is a sunday, but while the .5bakery is still alive and kicking, we should celebrate the portal that we spend so much time on.

<ulterior motive>Plus, there could never be enough public holidays IMHO</ulterior motive>

reap, Aug 10 2003

Happy Birthday Halfbakery http://www.halfbake...rthday_20Halfbakery
August 10 is a special day. :) [reap, Oct 04 2004]

5th System Administrator Appreciation Day http://www.sysadminday.com/
That's right, it's TODAY. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

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       Why are you apologizing to me? I like public holidays...   

       many days later: Oh! Ok. Thanks. : )
k_sra, Aug 11 2003

       + for the idea, and for more national holidays in general.
jonthegeologist, Aug 11 2003

       reap, I believe you mean "apologies to sartep" or maybe "2 fries."
beauxeault, Aug 11 2003

       No one ever apologizes to Sartep.
sartep, Aug 11 2003

       I have to vote against this idea. First because, It would be a national holiday where? I am sure down where I live nobody else but me will celebrate it, and it sucks to celebrate a holiday alone.   

       Secondly, it if becomes a national/international holiday people would start to wonder what this place is about; trolls and conviction-lacking people would soon be all over us. I doubt halfbakers will like that.
Pericles, Aug 11 2003

       It seems there is a rather easy way to enter a 'National _ day' in the public registry here in the US. It became quite fashionable a few years ago. Gonna have to look into that...
RayfordSteele, Aug 11 2003

       Sorry [sartep].
k_sra, Aug 11 2003

       I'm sorry you said that k_sra but someone was going to.
po, Aug 11 2003

       K sra, HA! Since you paid the sorry tab, does that entitle you to do something to me now? (winces) Be kind. I know the halfbakery can think of some really creative stuff.
sartep, Aug 11 2003

       You may send me a birthday halfbaked good on the sixteenth of August! (Make it a good one.) : )
k_sra, Aug 11 2003

       That's sounds fair.
sartep, Aug 11 2003


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