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A voluntary profession, a Halfcrier will print out a list of the day's new inventions on the 1/2 Bakery, take it to the window of his/her house, and shout it at all who pass like a crude and probably unwanted RSS feed.

Selfmade bullhorns and costumes are appreciated. Near perfect grammar encouraged, but for the sake of realism, not required.

notmarkflynn, Aug 08 2006


       Why limit this to the Halfbakery? I am sure there are dozens of blogs out there that would benefit from this approach.
DrCurry, Aug 08 2006

       <nemesis>I would take up this position and use it to infiltrate your desmegne, notmarkflynn, if it wasn't such an easy thing to do, and such a stupid idea.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Aug 08 2006

       9:00 oclock and all is well!
RayfordSteele, Aug 09 2006

       as heard on attack of the show, "megaphone this!"
tcarson, Aug 09 2006

       "Oh yea - Oh yea!" <ting-a-ling>
"CarWobble Fishrat
ban intersections vmaldia
Madness madness
gravity regenerative braking vmaldia
Fiberoptic Cylinder Windows jhomrighaus
Bungee figure skating Aq_Bi
Ice Cream Day dbmag9
Swamp screen ye_river_xiv
Bird Brain, The Video Game! phundug
Cosmic Background Refrigeration BunsenHoneydew
Oh yea, Oh yea!"<ting-a-ling>
zen_tom, Aug 09 2006

       <nemesis>It's 'Oyez', not 'Oh yea'. Thanks for mentioning me.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Aug 09 2006

       //Selfmade bullhorns//   

       And how do you propose they do that?   

       I would like to do it, but in my little New England city, I'm sure no passersby would understand the reference.
jellydoughnut, Aug 09 2006

       I suppose we would all use electromagnets and theoretical physics, or just roll the day's newspaper into a cone.
notmarkflynn, Aug 09 2006

       //I've noticed that most ideas go straight over the heads of the general public.//   

       And some of us dimmer bulbs here, I'm afraid.
shapu, Aug 09 2006

       <flings open window>
"Oyez - Oyez!" <ting-a-ling>
"Engine Idle, Idle wheel Ren
New ideas via concatenation Steve DeGroof
Automatic Celebrity Recogniser zen_tom
Humbrella Frankx
Halfbakery Cocktail Book
Thermironic I.T. (integrated tube/valve) Ren
Random Congress, President EdisonsTwin
Total Non Sequitur calum
iWand zen_tom
Person-light Bhaveer
Oh yea, Oh yea!"<ting-a-ling>
<slams window shut again>
zen_tom, Aug 16 2006

       I do hope you're actually yelling that, [zen_tom].
wagster, Aug 16 2006

       [wagster] Oh Yes, the pedestrians in the street didn't seem to fully to understand what I was on about exactly, but that's almost the point.
zen_tom, Aug 16 2006

       <window explodes>
"Oh yea - Oh yea!" <ting-a-ling>
"Mylar salvation bjl8
(Mostly) Lame Halfbakery Taglines UnaBubba
Secret Boggle calum
chambered popcorn bucket Rm Brz
Disposable socks bjl8
In-Car Repair Tutorials raize221
Solar Powered Water Cooled Playground Equipment phlish
Ciggie Smoke Drift Tires Amishman35
Dildoorknobs UnaBubba
Barcode Wine List Worldgineer
Aey ho, Aey ho!"<gnil-a-gnit>
<window weirdly coalesces from a thousand shattered fragments back into a single, unbroken whole>
zen_tom, Sep 06 2006

       London still has an official town crier (a friend of mine got to work with him when he was temping and his agency got him mixed up with a professional clown... long story), maybe we should get in touch.
wagster, Sep 06 2006

       [+] partly for knowing about RSS. It's a technology that most people could benefit from, and that most news or UGC-centric websites offer, but that hardly anybody knows about.
notexactly, Feb 25 2018

       + 2021 and we are still here!
xandram, Jan 16 2021

       Sorry to have to tell you this, but you're not. Most of the halfbakers (except us) were replaced by bots during The Great Outage of 2018.   

       You're just a simulation now, but try to look on it as an opportunity.
8th of 7, Jan 16 2021

       no way...haha
xandram, Jan 16 2021

       We knew you were going to write that ...
8th of 7, Jan 16 2021

       Can't believe I hadn't bunned this before, what a dummo.
blissmiss, Jan 16 2021

       //replaced by bots//   

       That's a relief. I thought it was just me.
pertinax, Jan 17 2021


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