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Halfy birthday

Once you pass half life (35? 45? 60?) you want to slow things down, so...
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Halfy birthday!

This is for when you reach the age where you don't want noisy parties with kids from the neighborhood that don't really want to play with you.

You get half a cake. With a recipe for half the calories. The music is at half volume. Only half of your "friends" show up, so you know who really cares. You only blow out half the number of candles. Then someone reads half a poem, leaving the remainder to your imagination. etc. etc.

Sorry this is only half of the idea.

I leave the rest to you.

pashute, Mar 27 2011


       I can't pronounce it.
blissmiss, Mar 27 2011

sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 27 2011

       What's it all about?
csea, Mar 27 2011

       how old r u?
pashute, Apr 03 2013

       [+] I'll be halfy in September. A half year from my whole birthday in March.
xandram, Apr 03 2013

       I went over to "Happy Still Alive Day" some time ago.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 03 2013

       :-j Half a smile   

       "That's not halfy for you!" (Mother, eyeing the halfday boy trying to lick the halfday cake icing)   

       My wife's is on March - she was born on Pieday.
pashute, Apr 03 2013

       We had another kind of halfy birthday in my house recently, a date on which my younger daughter was exactly half the age (in days) as my older daughter. We took a picture with them holding signs: "I'm exaclty half her age" and "I'm exactly twice her age." I'm going to steal the name of this idea as the name of that photo. Thanks!   

       (BTW, does anyone else celebrate this once in a siblinghood event?)
swimswim, Apr 03 2013

       So, if I celebrate my "halfy" at age 65, I'll live to 130?
whlanteigne, Apr 06 2013

       //(BTW, does anyone else celebrate this once in a siblinghood event?)//   

       Yes, I was four. I remember it, but it's a bit hazy.   

       Aww, I thought this was going to be a proposal to have an additional celebration at the mid-points between whole birthdays.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2013


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