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Helicopter Landing Cake

it's helicopter birthday time
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It's Sarah's 8th birthday and her foster parents have organised a special treat for her. Since her parents were taken away from her in a terrible chemical spill last Christmas it's the least they can do to cheer her spirits. It's late dusk and the car winds through the mountain roads until they reach a secluded facility atop a star-lit plateau and they scramble out of the car.

"Wow!" Sarah gasps, "is that for me?"

And there in the middle of the field is a huge birthday cake 7 feet tall with what seem like 8 lit candles glowing on top. Far in the distance they hear the sound of an approaching helicopter and they all sing happy birthday as it comes into land.

Made entirely out of delicious sponge the huge circular cake has pink and blue icing and a hole drilled into the center from above, that is the size of the helicopter cabin.

Slowing carefully, the helicopter drifts down and disappears into the center of the cake with only the rotors to be seen spinning on top - blowing a sweet mist of whipped cream and candy sprinkles across the field. As it does, all the candles - which double as landing beacons to assist night time alighting, are blown out by the rotors.

From the side of the cake through layers of custard and sugary cream appears a brightly dressed clown with hilarious over sized shoes - who is also the pilot of the craft.

"Is your name Sarah?" he asks in unmistakable clown. She nods. "Then its time for a special birthday surprise!" he says and they both squish through the cake and into the helicopter.

Sarah, and the clown then take off and fly about the village, pointing and giggling at the suburban sprawl.

Sarah's foster parents will have to give up cable television for a year for such a surprise, but as i said, its the least they could do to cheer her spirits.

benfrost, Feb 08 2005

Nominative Determinism http://www.google.c...inative+determinism
[hippo, Feb 09 2005]


       Sweet Jesus. I am agog.
calum, Feb 08 2005

       I'm... I'm... huh. I have no words.
k_sra, Feb 08 2005

       I like this very much [ben].   

       (Hint: my birthday is on August 9th)
wagster, Feb 08 2005

       ``Less wonderful for Erwin, who's parent's died in a helicopter crash. +
tiromancer, Feb 08 2005

       Shame about the cable though.
waugsqueke, Feb 09 2005

       - "So Mr Crash Inspector, what was the cause of this crash in which the tragic orphan Sarah and the helicopter pilot died?"

- "Icing in the rotor mechanism, I'm afraid - happens all the time"
hippo, Feb 09 2005

       Wow. This is just like Airwolf minus a volcano, plus a cake.
Flux, Feb 09 2005

       She's an accountant ("Mr" is her first name) but does crash inspections in her spare time. Not so much of a coincidence as you might think if you are of the "Nominative Determinism" (see link) school of thought.
hippo, Feb 09 2005

       I *really* want to know what [benfrost] was on when he came up with is...
RichieRich, Feb 09 2005

       plain water if we know benfrost at all.
po, Feb 09 2005

benfrost, Feb 10 2005

       [ Since her parents were taken away from her in a terrible chemical spill last Christmas ]   

       I heard about that. It seems that the fruitcake line caught fire, which would have been minor in itself, but then the newly expanded cake icing line went up, and the overflow caused casualties all throughout the plant.
normzone, Feb 10 2005

       there could be a non-flying version witha limo instead of a helicopter
sukiyaki, Nov 01 2008

       helicopter flys everybody to disney
sukiyaki, Nov 02 2008

       limo doesn't fly, it drives into cake as in "non-flying version"
sukiyaki, Nov 02 2008

       <];O) Bozo likes it.
theGem, Nov 02 2008

MikeD, Nov 03 2008

       //limo doesn't fly, it drives into cake as in "non-flying version"//
Just a variant of the Evel Knieval wedding cake leap?
coprocephalous, Nov 03 2008

       It's always a shock when I read an idea mouth-agape, thinking "I don't know if I can vote for this" and then it turns out I had already croissanted it years ago!
phundug, Nov 03 2008

sukiyaki, Nov 05 2008

       Next morning headlines: Clown Crashes Copter Crushing Chemical Cake.
pashute, Apr 03 2013


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