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Halogenated coffee

Halogenating pharmaceuticals can make them 100 or even 1000 times more potent. Coffee has beneficial health effects, as a lurid, excessive, irresponsible activity halogenate coffee generally, feed it to mice and see what happens
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Coffee has lots of health benefits, among them preventing some cancers [link]

Halogenating (adding, typically, a chlorine or fluorine atom to a molecule) drug molecules sometimes makes them 100 or even 1000 times more biologically active. The 1000 figure is from an antinflammatory fluorocorticoid compared with cortisone.

So what happens when we halogenate a healthy food? This spectacularly amplifies thousands of separate molecules, with lots of different effects. Halogenating vegetables is next!

What it does know one knows, but it might be good for you! It might be not-good for you too. So, have mice drink the chlorocoffee and fluorocoffee and see what happens, then try it on humans.

If anyone wants to try this at home: brew espresso. Then use the espresso as the liquid to brew more espresso. Do that a few times. You might get hyperconcentrated coffee. Instant might work too.

Then swirl around with 6% bleach for 3-5 minutes. Possibly neutralize with Sodium Thiosulfate (fishtank anti-chlor). Feed to mice.

Ok you could probably swirl it around your mouth to critique the flavor, which might change radically.

beanangel, May 14 2018

coffee and cancer https://www.cancer....h-really-shows.html
[beanangel, May 14 2018]


       I'm not qualified to comment on the chemistry, but I'm definitely going to leave the first batch to the mice.
pertinax, May 14 2018

       Dangerous and it sounds disgusting. [+]
Voice, May 14 2018


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