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Hamster (or Other Caged Animal) "Video Games"

Unlock your pet's hidden potentials.
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Recently, results of a study on mice indicates that excessive use of the hamster wheel (exercise) can lead to the dulling of their little brains' power. If you own a pet that is caged and most likely bored out of its skull, you may appreciate this product.

I propose creating a Video Game for animals to use in their little quarters. This game would be more of an electronic learning tool and/or measure of (hopefully) increasing intelligence, as well as a toy to occupy the pet's time.

Rather than dumbing your hamster down by confining it to a tiny cage, keep it occupied and interested in an ever-changing world. This device must have varying levels and "learn" along with the animal using it, so the animal is constantly encouraged to use its brain power a little more each time.

A reward system should be in place for correct responses, and be based on studies finding which of various types of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations would appeal to the pet. Food rewards may not be the best for all cases, as smarter animals may get fat. Basically, as your pet becomes more interested in the game, it would be encouraged to learn more and use other parts of its wee brain.

Breaks would also be built into the system, to ensure the little guys don't get obsessed over the game and go bonkers.

Leave the wheel in the cage, so they can still run around and vary their activities, but by adding another activity that may enhance their intelligence, you can feel less guilty about keeping animals in captivity.

*This product must be tested on animals before being sold. Also, no promises will be made regarding your animal's increasingly cunning escape attempts.

XSarenkaX, Oct 10 2003


       <pinky>Gee Brain, what are we going to do tonight?<\pinky>
Don Quixote, Oct 10 2003

       Very nice, [Steve DeGroof] - the "Interpet Explorer" seems to be on the right track, although grey parrots are already thought to be highly intelligent animals. As of yet, has anyone considered hamsters to be intelligent? Such "games" geared just for them will help us find out.
XSarenkaX, Oct 10 2003

       So how will the hamsters contol the game?
my-nep, Oct 10 2003

       Their responses could be varied. Nose-wiggling? Sure. Maybe they can grab a little lever that springs to "up" position when not held. Maybe the little wheel can be rigged to it. Anything goes.
XSarenkaX, Oct 13 2003


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