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Hamster Salad Ball

for hamster loving salad eaters
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The secret to a good salad is not to overdress, and not to undertoss. But tossing is tedious, with the lettuce flying out of the bowl while the rest of dinner is being neglected. Why not have a hamster ball, two concentric spheres with a closed inner sphere in which you can put lettuce and dressing. You put Hammy into the outer sphere (being careful not to include any lettuce as this will greatly reduce the efficiency) and let him run around while you go about with the rest of your meal prep. When you open the ball, any hamster residue will fall to the bottom. WARNING: Do not introduce Goldfish at any time.
joking victim, Feb 16 2004

Roaming Goldfish Bowl http://www.halfbake...g_20Goldfish_20Bowl
Covered potential problems with using goldfish [joking victim, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


Whatever happened? This is too quirky to sink without trace!
egbert, Apr 27 2004

       Hamster salad? Is that anything like Rat Salad? Eeew, yech...oh, wait, I see now.
Some obvious problems, but a fun idea.
half, Apr 27 2004

       (considers posting Hamster Goldfish Ball, so that it doesn't really matter if the goldfish can roll the ball itself)
Worldgineer, Apr 27 2004

       thanks egbert, I'm so glad that you found this. imagine my disappointment with my first post, buried for over two months. As for the concerns of others, making the inner sphere "water" tight is an industrial design piece of cake, a walk in the park, and obviously necessary in order to keep in the salad dressing and to keep out, well, everything. This inner ball is suspended inside the outer ball and can be lifted out and (washed and) rinsed off before opening.
joking victim, Apr 28 2004

       My hamster pees and poos in the ball, so please do seal off the inner from the outer. I'm having trouble identifying the pivot point(s) between these balls though. Unless the hamster runs only in a straight line normal to the balls' pivot axis, the salad will not toss. Alternative system is to maglev the inner ball in relation to the outer, so it has to stay in line with the outer's movement.
badgers, Apr 28 2004


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