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Handclap Targeting Thatcher Hovercraft

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A portable, Margaret Thatcher-shaped hovercraft, that glides shakily towards applause.
calum, Dec 19 2005

Margaret Thatcher http://en.wikipedia...i/Margaret_Thatcher
[calum, Dec 19 2005]

Thatcher waste disposal unit Thatcher_20waste_20disposal_20unit
by skinflaps [calum, Dec 19 2005]

Not the same thing at all http://www.americas..._ia_balloon_1_e.jpg
...but if they can do whatever this is, Margaret Thatcher should be a snap. [DrCurry, Dec 19 2005]


       Can I have first yank at the skirt?
skinflaps, Dec 19 2005

       By all means, yank away; she is self-righting.
calum, Dec 19 2005

       Hovercraft? Hot air balloon, surely?
DrCurry, Dec 19 2005

       could be upgraded with various missiles to target criticasters....
jvanguts, Dec 19 2005

       What's this going to look like? At the moment I'm imagining a Dalek with a handbag.
salachair, Dec 20 2005

       Brilliant, calum. Great anno there, salachair. Dalek with a handbag, hee hee.
st3f, Dec 20 2005


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