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Hover trailor

Ride on air over the road
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'Air Suspension' is not all the thing that it is hyped up to be. I mean, it is still the same old iron springs supporting clunky wheels with some assistance from airfilled cylinders. I want it to be all air. Really float on air, over the road.

But then problems crop up. If you do away with the wheels and use an air cushion instead, you're gonna crash into the other denizens of the street on wheels who are going to turn, stop and accelerate a lot quicker than any hovercraft can do.

I propose a combination of the two.

A conventional wheel powered tractor towing a passenger trailer riding on a cushion of air, much like a towed hovercraft.

neelandan, Dec 20 2003


       It sounds like a good idea, but a trailer that hovers will not track with the vehicle towing it. The lead vehicle would make a turn and then straighten out after, the trailer would continue to swing out to the side. No traction.   

       And god forbid it gets gusty.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 20 2003


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