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Handheld Brine Maker

Hooked to its own hose
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For those of us who prefer to use water power to do everything, like Kevin Costner or Bob the Mill Owner, I present the handheld brine maker.

One end of an included hose attaches to your outdoor faucet. The hose brings water into a hopper, perhaps half a liter in size, that you have filled with rock salt. That water is forced past the salt (creating brine) and through an output sprayer.

This can then be sprayed on snow- or ice-covered sidewalks, steps, or the fields of Carthage as you see fit.

(not recommended for use on bricks, wood, or corpses, which apparently tend to stick around when salted).

shapu, Jan 21 2007


       Add a hand-held plow for when salting the ground of former Carthage, for historical accuracy, and you're all set.
Veho, Jan 21 2007


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