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Handsfree ringtone creation

Record your ringtone, as you want it.
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Most phones have handsfree connections capable of accepting an audio input signal. Many phones include voice recorders, and those which don't easily could do so as a purely software upgrade. Some people pay for ringtones for their mobile phones (I don't, I don't own a mobile phone).

Wouldn't it make really great sense to have a cable which had a 3.5mm audio jack on one end to fit most audio outputs (mp3 player, TV, PC soundcard etc.) and a handsfree connector on the other?

When 'Annoying Rodent' appears with a catchy ringtone on your TV and you've had enough beer that you think it would be nice to have, just plug in the wire, hit 'record ringtone' on the phone and you've got it.

More creative people would sample parts of songs they own via their CD or MP3 players, or even grab bits of music from the radio. Comedy fans would have clips from their favourite comedy series.

I suggest that this system is so fundamentally useful and of minimal manufacturing cost it should be bundled free with mobiles. Failing this, it could easily be produced low cost and sold for less than the cost of one ringtone.

vincevincevince, Nov 24 2007

Inspired by: Ringtone_20Randomizer
[vincevincevince, Nov 24 2007]


       I presume there are miny input devices?
4whom, Nov 24 2007

       //miny input devices// not sure if that's a misspelling or a technical term. This is a simple cable to record from any standard 3.5mm socket ('headphone socket') such as on the front (or back) of your computer.   

       CD players, Minidisk players, radios, TVs, PCs, MP3 players etc. all have them so it makes sense to have a cable connecting your handsfree port to any such 3.5" audio socket and allow recording of a ringtome to be made. The hardware is already in place, the software should be trivial and the cable will be a very simple device.
vincevincevince, Nov 24 2007


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