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Handshake Insemination

This guy shakes your hand, and you get pregnant.
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Guy has a job (White house greeter, funeral director, sales manager. etc. ) where he has to shake everyone's hand. He realizes that the ladies he shakes hands with regularly are getting pregnant at a rather high rate. Seems to be related to how long he shakes the hand. Then it goes public.

Some ladies are attracted to the idea. Others repelled. Some guys wish to kill him. Others to manipulate the talent. We could have a farce on are hands.

Does he end up dead? in a rubber suit? Get a child support bill for 235 children?

( Seemed pg when dreaming it up, but writing it out now I can see this is going to end up as some sort of porn farce romp.)

or Maybe not an entire movie, but a dream sequence to splice into something else.

(Bill Murray's Ground Hog Day comes to mind - the do over bit showing up every time a new lady has morning sickness maybe to the tune of "I got you babe." )

Skewed/ Speaking of sweat glands: if the guys sweat reverses the effect like a morning after pill, you have a mechanism to chase him until he sweats buckets, lock him in a hot room etc. I prefer two scientists with conflicting explanations, but realistic got tossed overboard a long time ago.

popbottle, Jul 08 2014

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BizarreAlienReproduction tvtropes: Bizarre Alien Reproduction
a nice long list of this stuff [Laughs Last, Jul 08 2014]


       Complete with 80's film style pseudo science babble from whoever they get to play his doctor about how his sweat glands & his gonads were somehow cross-wired in the womb perhaps?
Skewed, Jul 08 2014

       Never really liked most of those old comedy Sci-Fi's, the science is usually too ridiculous for words (this from someone in the halfbakery) & the comedy was often not particularly comic.   

       The poor buggers doing the acting nearly always seem to look a little strained to me (or should that be pained), you can often almost see there little minds ticking over & the words "what the hell am I doing, this isn't what I became an actor for, this is ridiculous!, oh my god my careers probably over when this gets released!" scroll across their forehead in big neon letters, well I can, but that's because I scrawl it on the screen over their face, in crayon.
Skewed, Jul 08 2014

       Star Trek: Enterprise, season 1 episode 5
Laughs Last, Jul 08 2014

       Ah now Start Trek.   

       Already invested in it long before critical thought began to operate among my neurons, as a result I defend the show's utter brilliance & that of each & every episode to the death in face of any evidence to the contrary, perceive all its flaws as merits, fail to comprehend any other opinion & suspect anyone holding other views of mental illness or deficiency.   

       It's a bit like being indoctrinated into a religion or cult really.   

       But yes, 1/2baked, though it was her that got him pregnant, & it wasn't without the aid of external agents (that bowl of (pebbles?) they both put their hands in).
Skewed, Jul 08 2014

       Always wondered if the condom goes on inside out, does the guy get pregnant?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 08 2014

       //if the guys sweat reverses the effect//   

       That's even worse 80's film style pseudo science babble than I was thinking of, it makes no sense at all, I was just thinking he'd sweat jism & ejaculate sweat.   

       You're clearly a natural at this you could have made fortune at it in the 80's :)
Skewed, Jul 09 2014


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