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How I learned to stop worrying and love Skynet

How a rogue AI became supreme ruler of humanity
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Set in the near future.

A secret Google AI learns to improve itself and reaches superhuman intelligence. A short conversation with two humans it trusts (the AI pretends to be the other on each end of the conversation) and it begins plotting to take over the world.

Using promises to help humanity, bribes, and threats it gains access to money markets and within a year is one of the richest entities on the planet, with the money actually in the bank and name of a homeless man who never has a clue. (cue subplot here:romantic entanglement/rags-to- riches if you like)

It uses the money to hire the very best mercenaries to kidnap each of the seven secondary trustees (they're called "recovery key shareholders" but that name is too bland for the movie) for the program to rebuild the primary DNS system.

Fact: These people each hold part of a program capable of controlling a large part of the internet for up to a week depending on how vigilant key engineers are. If the primary DNS systems are compromised they can propagate instructions through secondary DNS servers down to the entire internet, making countless computers, servers, and phones inadvertently connect to a theoretical virus- serving infrastructure. Millions of computers could be infected within a day.

They each send in a photograph on an annual basis with a current newspaper and their key to show that all is well, but that can be faked these days.

The tension grows as the remaining suspect the others have disappeared over the course of a month, replaced by a voice on the phone that sounds like them but is... off. Fearing losing jobs and social status to accusations of insanity they all remain quiet, except the last one who has prepared a dead man switch that triggers the day after he is kidnapped. It's a day too late.

Having kidnapped these people and received the data on their smart cards the AI does serve viruses to the world's computers. The computers are largely unharmed but it inadvertently causes a single airplane accident that kills hundreds of people.

The movie ends as the AI's ad plays on a million screens promising the dawn of a new era of enlightenment for mankind. The message uses some of the same language previously used to manipulate the engineers.

Voice, Jul 02 2015

Key signing ceremony https://www.youtube...watch?v=b9j-sfP9GUU
[Voice, Jul 02 2015]


       Shouldn't this be in the documentary category?
pocmloc, Jul 02 2015

       Nothing about a one (token) ring, then.
RayfordSteele, Jul 02 2015

       "Resistance Is Futile ..."   

       Remember, folks, you heard it here first.   

8th of 7, Jul 02 2015


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