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The animal legend sci fi

Young historian finds proof that there actually were animals and insects
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A young historian and scientist is trying to prove that in the very far past there actually were animals and insects and that even humans did not always think rationally.

Although it was a very short period in human history, he shows that there was a time when early science was developed along with crude technologies around a time called "The Millenia" in which in most areas around the world people spoke a language called "Englis" and remnants of their documents have been uncovered and deciphered. These include images of four and six legged creatures, winged creatures, and a whole set of "animals".

The professors are very sceptical about his methods and conclusions and finally convince him that he must be wrong.

pashute, Jan 15 2022


       I just don't like it. [-]
Voice, Jan 15 2022

       I think he envisions a future without non-human animals or insects, wherein a young scientist does this and that.
Voice, Jan 15 2022

       Yes [Voice]. Not robots but humans, with no other animals, which we are quickly killing away in our search of technological solutions for everything including food.   

       So, it seems, their will be no vegetation either.
pashute, Jan 15 2022

       6-legged and 8-legged creatures with multiple eyes? Seems implausibly redundant. Nature doesn't maintain parts that it doesn't need.
RayfordSteele, Jan 19 2022


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