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Handsome Can Disfigurer

If your can is good looking you have a serious problem.
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I feel that there is something patently wrong with a good looking garbage can or container. These things should be as ugly as possible or just not exist.

This is my concept for a new division of government to monitor garbage and refuse can/container aesthetics. I believe that this initiative could create jobs!

If an enclosure is deemed by the HCD police to be too good looking or clean a summons is written. 3 strikes and your out policy. Get three fines and then the state contracts a group that will retrieve the receptacle, effect its good looks with select de-beautification methods and then return it to the owner all at the owners expense. s

vfrackis, Dec 12 2013


       Why pay for all this when the garbage collector accomplishes this for free in about 3 weeks.
scad mientist, Dec 12 2013

       Afterall you're not serving dinner on those cans. They shouldn't be too pretty or else someone could say something is a pretty as garbage cans. That throws off the whole system.
rcarty, Dec 14 2013

       //These things should be as ugly as possible or just not exist.//   

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2013


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