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Handy Feet

Inspired by- Amputees Make Better Astronauts [link]
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Using the movements of human toes, (perhaps with a bit of dexterity training) a prosthetic hand could be attached to the end of both feet to be used during zero gravity maneuvers.

Most people don't have much dexterity when trying to move their small toes around separately but the big toe can be waggled with impunity.
If only the big toes' movement controls the prosthetics' opposable thumb, then the rest of the toes could actuate a rudimentary grasping motion with the thumb of the prosthetic being held either under or over the next finger by the orientation of the big toe.

I'd really like to go into space someday but I don't want to have to cut off my legs to, (if you'll pardon the pun), make the cut.

Amputees make better astronauts Amputees_20Make_20Better_20Astronauts
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 27 2007]


       Maybe they should go back to training monkeys for space?
theleopard, Jul 30 2007

       A bunch of science fiction writers have suugested that prehensile toes, even tails, would be most useful for use in zero gravity situations. Maybe we should devolve a little once we reach space? (One even suggested adopting a snake-like form, to wiggle easily through narrow passages, but I wouldn't go that far myself.)   

       Anyway, given that amputees can, to some extent, drive replacement hands with their remaining nerve endings, perhaps you could rig up inductors to pick up nerve signals to your feet, and redirect them to your mechanical toes?
DrCurry, Jul 30 2007

       You could paint the exterior in space then sell it for a tidy artistic sum.
skinflaps, Jul 30 2007


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