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Moondust protection

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Dust is a big problem for astronauts on the moon, it is so fine it gets in everywhere and clings to every surface. What I propose is spraying the space suit before every trip out on the surface, using a sticky substance that hardens into a rubbery coating. This traps all the dust, and can be easily peeled off and disposed of once the sojourn is over.
simonj, Jul 04 2008

Toxic moon dust http://news.softped...s-Toxic-49798.shtml
[ldischler, Jul 05 2008]


       They never do a good job, they just steal your mug.
simonj, Jul 04 2008

       Nah, it all happened in a studio... all it'd take is a bit of 'spitshine
xxobot, Jul 05 2008

       Sounds like the solution is going to be worse than the problem. Now you have sticky stuff gumming up the seals and joints of the suits, and besides which you have dust attracted to that, so now you have to deal with both. You might want to try this at home first. Spray your computer and keyboard with liquid rubber, and see how it goes.
ldischler, Jul 05 2008

       You need to use something that does not harden. Space suits are stiff enough as it is this would make them considerably more difficult to move around in. I think this needs a lot more thought and understanding of the dynamics of spacesuits.
jhomrighaus, Jul 07 2008

       This can't work for present space suits as they use bearings for wrist and shoulder joints.
MisterQED, Jul 07 2008

       I didn't mean 'harden' as in stiffen, I just meant it dries from a liquid to a tacky rubber substance.
simonj, Jul 07 2008

       So wait, this isn't an attempt to seal out the dust, you just want to turn the spacesuits into giant lint rollers? Kind of a space age tar and feathering, now glue and dusting?   

       I assumed this was more like spray on latex gloves, which will work most places, but not around the bearings.
MisterQED, Jul 08 2008

       [MisterQED] yep, that's essentially it. The dust sticks to the coating, and you just peel it off when you're finished.
simonj, Jul 08 2008

       If it already clings to every surface, how is this going to help?
Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008

       [Cedar Park] Umm, did you miss the part about peeling off and disposing?
simonj, Jul 08 2008

       The issue is that currently a layer of dust sticks to things, With your system the suit would be come loaded down with a large volume of dust until the stickum became totally covered. There would still be a layer of dust on the surface that was clinging do to static and thus would get all over everything as if the stickum were not there.
jhomrighaus, Jul 09 2008


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