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Hanging Printer

Get the printer off my desk.
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Recently I decided to upgrade to a new photo inkjet printer but was shocked to see the size of the behemoths in the store. These devices certainly produce beautiful prints but at a sacrifice of considerable, valuable desk real estate. Why does this thing have to sit on top of my desk anyway? My LCD monitor is mounted on my wall. My wireless hub is mounted on my wall. I want a printer that is designed to be mounted horizontally. The paper feed is at the top and prints drop into a chute that deposits them directly onto my desk when they are finished (or into a hopper if prefered). Rather than trying to minimize the desk footprint, it would be designed to minimize the protruding profile and could be as high and wide as 2 or 3 feet.
riromero, Dec 07 2004


       I have my four-in-one scanner / photocopier / fax / printer _under_ my desk, on a little pull-out trolley, just off to the side. I rarely use all of the room under the desk and i can't say that the missing space bothers me.
[ sctld ], Dec 07 2004

       good idea. it would be effective also if mounted to the top of the user's head. this way the paper would fall neatly into your lap.
benfrost, Dec 08 2004


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