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Hardware clone stamp

Like the one in Photoshop.
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Photoshop has a "clone" tool. With the appropriate combination of clicks, you have a paintbrush which copies stuff from an adjacent area. If you haven't used it, it's hard to explain. But if you use it to "paint" a vertical swathe on the image, it will "paint" a copy of the corresponding vertical swathe, but offset by a specific amount. It's very useful for some effects, and especially for retouching a textured surface: you can brush out an unwanted item on a photograph of a lawn, for example, by "cloning" a patch of grass from nearby.

Buchanan Graphics Inc (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Buchanan Holdings, PLC) introduces the Clonester, bringing the power of the clone tool into the real world.

The Clonester consists of two heads, each about the size of half a gerbil or three large wasps. The heads are linked by an adjustable arm, the length of which can be adjusted (hence the term). One head is an optical scanner, consisting essentially of a line of light sensors. The other head contains a small ink-jet head and a replaceable ink cartridge.

To use, simply adjust the adjustable arm to the appropriate length, and place the Clonester on the surface in question. Press and hold the Triggermatic Trigger Button, and slide the Clonester back and forth over the surface. As the scanning head reads the colour of the surface beneath it, the same pattern is printed by the print head.

The uses are almost unlimitless. You have a scuff on your now-out-of-production intricately patterned wallpaper? No problem! Scuffs-on-now-out-of- production -intricately-patterned-wallpaper begone!! Simply set the adjustable arm to the distance between pattern repeats and - hey Preston! - clone an undamaged part of the pattern onto the scuffed area.

You want to copy part of an image from a magazine into a printout of your document, but have no scanner? Problems-with-copying-part-of-an- image-from-a-magazine-into-a- printout-of-your-document-whilst- having-no-scanner begone!! Simply adjust the adjustable arm so that the scanner head lies on the image and the print head lies in your document and - Ipso Facto! - a few swipes and the image is copied.

Can also be used to conceal embarrassing deformities in ocelots' fur patterns.

MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2008


       /Ipso Facto!/   

       Really? Surely voila, huzzah, woop-woop, or booyah would be more appropriate.
Texticle, Mar 06 2008

       Is that pronounced Buke-an-an or Buck-an-an?
tatterdemalion, Mar 06 2008

       Perhaps it could have a pantograph function i.e. scaling factor source/destination? +
csea, Mar 06 2008

       7 half gerbils = 1 Christmas pudding
hippo, Mar 06 2008

       //Is that pronounced Buke-an-an or Buck- an-an?// It's actually pronounced "Cholmondley".
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2008

       WYUTSIWYG.... what you used to see is what you get. Bun cloner +
xenzag, Mar 06 2008

       + oh yeah!
xandram, Mar 06 2008


       Just for a minute, I feel a little less nauseatingly middle-class, but not much.
david_scothern, Mar 07 2008

       Can i buy stock in your company?   

       Though getting an 'adjustable arm' to adjust is easy, what u need to come up with is a way to make non-adjustable-arms adjust. Then u got googles attention (they'll make anything)
mrsarcasm, Mar 07 2008

       [Mr. Sarcasm] u may certainly buy stock in Buchanan Graphics Inc. Minimum investment is £9,999.99 - I will be happy to provide further details - email on my profile page. We also sell apostrophes (twelve available, new and used).
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 07 2008

       But you do have a scanner.
notexactly, Mar 07 2018


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