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Double-sided hand-held touchtype keyboard for Mini-Notebook PC
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The idea is to place as many of the keys (which we normally press without looking at them) to the backside (bottom) of computer. It would minimize the computer and still make it convenient for touchtyping. (see picture)
Inyuki, Jan 18 2003

Picture: Hankeyboard http://universians.org/hankeyboard.png
Picture illustrating the origination of the idea... [Inyuki, Mar 15 2005, last modified Nov 28 2011]

(?) Old picture: Hankeyboard http://inyuki.puslapiai.lt/page/keyboard
(that of 2003-01-18) [Inyuki, Mar 16 2005]

(?) Mr. Hankey http://www.southpar...-hankey-quotes.html
I thought this idea was going to be about.... [wagster, Mar 16 2005]

Slashdot: Touch-based Handhelds Turned Inside Out http://hardware.sla...11/2219242&from=rss
(Eventually the idea seems to be comming to realization, being baked by Mitsubishi and Microsoft) [Inyuki, Oct 15 2007]

RearType: Text Entry Using Keys on the Back of a Device http://www.dgp.toro...f/mobilehci2010.pdf
Experimenting begins in 2010 [Inyuki, Jan 06 2012]

Grippity https://www.kicksta...-transparent-tablet
[Mindey, Jun 20 2015]


       Welcome to the 'bakery, and all that. To add a link, click on 'link' and such. It keeps the place tidy, and makes it more convenient. While you're lookin' around, take a sneak at the help file on the left. It explains things pretty well, as this place has a personality of its own.
RayfordSteele, Jan 18 2003

       Why not. Current keyboards are boring.
notme, Jan 18 2003

       And it's not about boredom! This was about solving the problem of as how to minimize computer's desing and make it easier use mIRC (IRC chat client) in busses, trolleybusses, cars, trains etc. actually. Sorry for not telling that before.
Inyuki, Jan 03 2004

       somehow I thought you're suggesting an accordion keyboard for computers -- I think I've seen that in an ergonomics pieces somewhere
theircompetitor, Jan 03 2004

       Yea, keys of an accordion are more on its back side. So, it's something similar.
Inyuki, Jan 03 2004

       This is a great idea. Eventually the keyboard and screen could be merged so that the fingers were manipulating the back side of the screen and the screen was responding so that the eyes could directly get that input. Although people would spend a lot of time with both hands manipulating their eyeballs.
JesusHChrist, Mar 16 2005

       JesusHChrist, you mean controlling the mouse pointer with the touch of the back of the screen? Yet, it would require frequent repositioning of the hands.   

       If we make mouse-keys (that is, keys that are like sensitive screen), then the mouse pointer would be jumping all over the screen while typing... I don't know the best solution for mouse yet.
Inyuki, Mar 16 2005


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