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Haphazard 3D Xmas display

3d holiday light display
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This is an intelligent add-on for each LED in a string of regular Christmas lights, that turns a random bunching of the lights, for instance around the branches of a tree or bush, into a 3D display. The add-on would include minimal versions of a magnetic spatial positioning sensor, a Bluetooth like communications system, a map of the surrounding LEDs and a way to act as a minimal server in a network. Boy am I out of my league here. I guess this would be like a spatial and functional network of minimal computers that could know where each other were communicate with each other to run virtual programs and act as their own display. If something like this developed I guess it could include a minimal independent positioning system so that you wouldn't need a tree for support. And I guess we could throw in there a wireless way to convey power from one unit to the next and we would have a real swarm. So minimal mechanical fireflies.
JesusHChrist, Dec 14 2012

3d holiday light display 3D_20holiday_20light_20display
[JesusHChrist, Dec 14 2012]

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