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3D holiday light display

cheap holiday light 3D array
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How hard could it be to make a 10x10x10 Xmas light 3D array and have it display a bouncing ball? Wouldn't these be simple enough to be cheap enough to be a runaway fad?
JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2005

An appropriate event for the bouncing ball display. http://www.tcaw.org/
[Basepair, Mar 29 2005]

3d LED cube http://www.youtube....watch?v=Aj3_v7xCyJ0
[JesusHChrist, Apr 07 2008]


       "One of our Fads has escaped from the zoo; Citizens are warned not to approach the Fad as it may be dangerous..."
hippo, Mar 28 2005

       10 x 10 x 10 =1000 lights. Doable but maybe not simple enough to be cheap.
Basepair, Mar 28 2005

       Easier to have a real ball with an LED in the middle and a motorised arm cranking the wires up and down....
Basepair, Mar 28 2005

       What holiday is celebrated with images of bouncing balls?
waugsqueke, Mar 28 2005

       New Years?   

       Sounds like reason enough to invent a holiday. I proudly give you 'National Superball Day.'
RayfordSteele, Mar 29 2005

       [waughsqueke] //What holiday is celebrated with images of bouncing balls?// - see link (?)
Basepair, Mar 29 2005


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