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Pudding Bomb

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A bomb filled with instant pudding mix. The bomb is airlifted up, and detonated inside a sizable cloud over enemy territory. The primary blast will heat the pudding/cloud mixture to boiling temperatures. The new weighty mixture will rain down upon the earth and be cooled by the descent.

Enemy forces will be covered in pudding, and slightly bemused.

notmarkflynn, Mar 08 2006

Mystery rain - pretty much the same Mystery_20Rain
[fridge duck, Mar 08 2006]


       An amusing image, if anything, (+)
skinflaps, Mar 08 2006

       If you made it sticky toffee pudding, then you could also slow their progress dramatically. If they tried to eat their way out, they'd all have to lie down and rest their stomachs before long. A winner!
spinglespangle, Mar 08 2006

       Loving it! It could also be used to disrupt watersupplies if dropped in lakes and rivers.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 08 2006

       Pudding is the New Custard.
coprocephalous, Mar 08 2006

       How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!?   

       Pudding (US) = Custard (UK)
DrCurry, Mar 08 2006

       So what do you call non-custard-based puddings in the US? (Apart from anathema, of course)
spinglespangle, Mar 08 2006

       In the UK, we put custard on puddings.
Except steak and kidney puddings, of course.
[EDIT] Or black pudding. But that goes without saying.
coprocephalous, Mar 08 2006

       Steam and sponge puddings are not common over here, so they're known by their full names. Pudding as a synonym for dessert, doesn't apply here either.
DrCurry, Mar 08 2006

       I see. I think of pudding as something dense, homemade and essentially wintry. Dessert is something posh served in a restaurant, preferably in a tower shape, with a basket of caramelised sugar strands on top. Now that would be a rubbish bomb.
spinglespangle, Mar 08 2006

       and after exploding would be followed up by "The Hungry Fly" bomb... as millions of voracious, custard eating, horse flies descended to savage the gathered masses below. Can it please be tested on Jeremy Clarkson?
xenzag, Mar 08 2006

       don't mention spotted dick or we'll be here forever.
po, Mar 08 2006

       spotted dick?
zeno, Mar 08 2006

       [zeno] not since he shot that guy in Texas.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 08 2006


egbert, Mar 09 2006

       In America, pudding is a sweet, goopy snack that can stand alone as a dessert, while custard is regarded as a cream filling, and not widely eaten as an idividual dish.   

       Anyway, I want it to rain pudding.
notmarkflynn, Mar 11 2006


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