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Harass the terrorist's friends

Track down the people who publicly enjoy terrorism and subtly get back at them
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An organization that makes terrorists' friends lives miserable. And then show everybody how they did it, and why.

Track down the man that said to the TV cameras that he doesn't see anything wrong with the point-blank shooting and murder of my good friend's teenage boy. Find out where he works, and do all kinds of damaging things to his business until he's fired or goes broke.

Pay kids to plant a stink bomb every few months in the house or car of the guy who interviewed the murderer of the young couple at the Cermizan monastery, and showed sympathy when the murderer described in a cold-blooded voice how he and his aunt danced after the murder. Get people to call him because his house or car is on sale at a rediculous price.

Infiltrate the mosque that spews hate from which terrorists emerged, and change their automatic recording to Hava Nagilla. (I'm not very good at being mean, so I can't think how I would harass somebody like Amjad Chudairry in a subtle way).

Find out about Japanese groups that openly support "the- bird" - Lois Zamparini's tormentor, and choose one of these people. Have Americans contact him and help him in a hundred ways until he really feels sorry for what he ever said.

An organization that would do this, could pay itself through Headstart. Everybody wants to see due justice served fairly.

pashute, Apr 30 2017

https://www.corbett...ical-weapons-story/ [spidermother, May 03 2017]

Tamimi talking about how great her murderer friend https://www.youtube...watch?v=uH1CS9PGI4Q
[pashute, May 03 2017]

How sweet it is to be a martyr https://www.youtube...watch?v=FAt9DTiLAcM
An uplifting song for making the world a better place [pashute, May 03 2017]

Actual news and footage of the Sbarro Pizza shop attack aftermath https://www.youtube...watch?v=EpPZfTlC87M
[pashute, May 03 2017]

Jesse Issa Abd Rabbo https://www.youtube...watch?v=dRUNNoD2J5g
Waiting for the bus the target of his Amaleeyeh (operation), the kill and the dance [pashute, May 03 2017]

Here he is lying to the Israeli TV saying he wouldn't do it again... http://www.mako.co....4f49966bab41004.htm
This was tailor made before the interview with Maan TV (where he told the truth as it is) [pashute, May 03 2017]

In memory of the couple, at Hebrew University http://www.art.huji...-%D7%9C%D7%95%D7%99
[pashute, May 03 2017]

How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life https://www.nytimes...ne-saccos-life.html
An article describing the outcome of what's being proposed here. [b153b, May 09 2017]


       Anybody who supports violence in any form should be shot.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2017

       // Everybody wants to see due justice served fairly. //   

       ... except for lawyers, obviously. They make their money by trying to get the result their client wants, which is frequently not the same as justice.
8th of 7, Apr 30 2017

       So, [8th], next time you're up for another one of those distasteful "little incidents", would you prefer a lawyer who's seeking justice, or a lawyer who tries to get another acquittal?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2017

       [Max] isn't a hypocrite, but suicidal.
Voice, Apr 30 2017

       Sorry to hear about your friends' suffering [pashute].   

       I've been wondering about a plan to pay homeless people to police their own cities. Nobody knows a city as well as a homeless person. Trust me, every storm drain, every accessible roof-top, every mall back corridor and elevator sub basement is well explored. ...and they see Everything not hidden behind closed doors.
A weekly stipend for agreeing to wear a camera which transmits live feed with a bonus thrown in for evidence leading to an arrest.
This would have the added effect of offering protection to the homeless individual as a deterrent in the form of any assailant being caught on film.

       If they're going to use cameras to track us like animals, then the least they could do with that information is track the animals amongst us and deal with them rather than using the tech to stuff coffers.   

       From the interactions I've had with the homeless in our town, I would think they'd spend a lot of time investigating what the voices tell them to.   

       I find it just amazing that the seat of so many civilizations has forgotten the simple golden rule.   

       I didn't know Trump had friends?
RayfordSteele, May 01 2017

       Shit can be DNA tested. You might get your dog in trouble.
popbottle, May 02 2017

       //I didn't know Trump had friends?//   

       Just what I was going to say.   

       A generic definition of terrorism is "the use of violence or threats of violence for political purposes".   

       It can be interesting to see how well various acts by alleged governments agree with that definition, without allowing yourself to be distracted by emotional appeals to beautiful ... babies or resorting to "But democracy!"
spidermother, May 03 2017

       In reply to bigsleep: I wrote "and then show everybody how they did it and why".   

       Spider-mother, I don't understand what you are saying. Are you claiming that there is no organized pre-meditated murder that trains people and supplies them with the methods and ammunition to do it? That teach and preach why it is totally acceptable? I'll send you to a link or two.   

       The first one is of the friend of the murderer of little kids at a pizza shop in Jerusalem. She talks about what a holy sole he was on the way to the murder site.   

       The second is of Jesse (Issa in Arabic) Abbed Rabbo, who was a night watch guard at a hotel. It was raining and cold and he asked my friend the day guard, for a key to get out of the rain. Not knowing it was a master key, he gave it, and Abbed Rabo proceeded to the main office and stole the gun, and sprayed graphiti on the walls telling his plans. Two days later, after murdering a young couple my friend was arrested (and sat in jail for two years). Abbed-Rabbo was sorry, according to Israeli news and the Member of our Parliament Tamar Gojansky, said that he even cried for doing it. Not so after released and danced on President Abbas' shoulders. Here's the interview: (Following the interview his mother recieved a presidential medal from Abbas)
pashute, May 03 2017

       Your proposed solution to terrorism is more terrorism.
notexactly, May 03 2017

       OK you are bashing Trump as a terrorist.   

       I looked it up and found out what "beautiful... babies" is referring to. Link1: How beauty brands seduce you with emotional design, Link2: Trump’s Support for “Beautiful Babies” Is Tremendous.   

       I still have to understand the "But democracy!"   

       I get: America has been downgraded to a "flawed democracy" and "Liberalism is suffering but democracy is doing just fine". Anything to do with those articles?   

       OK, I think I got that too: Washington Post: Hate Trump if you want. But democracy requires respecting the winner’s legitimacy.
pashute, May 04 2017

       Not exactly. I'm talking about supporters of real unrepenting murderers. And I'm not proposing to murder them while they are preaching to murder me.
pashute, May 04 2017

       The reason we (the good people) don't do things like this is:
We are better than them (the terrorists).
If we stoop to their level (or similar), we become them. Then we are both lost.
neutrinos_shadow, May 04 2017

       Okay. Every Palestinian is evil from the moment they are born and every Israeli is a righteous dude who fully deserves to take the land over for all time.   

       Happy? Is it out of your system yet? Can we move on? If we exchange Israeli for Aryan and Palestinian for everyone else and the West Bank for Lebensraum, does it get better or worse?
RayfordSteele, May 04 2017

       sp. Aryan   

       Carry on ...
pertinax, May 05 2017

       Re read this thread. No. I have Palestinian and Muslim Arabic speaking close friends and colleagues. There are millions of Palestinians that are not terrorists. I'm talking about people in terrorist organizations that plan and encourage and arm people to deliberately murder kids and citizens. Watch the videos I posted. These are not people who made a racist tweet. They are members of an organization with a flag Yellow for Iranian Hizbulla Green for Hamas, who truly believe that killing Innocents is morally ok. And there's nothing we can really do about it.   

       The Israeli, American, British and other European governments with their armies and police are under a system of law which is supposed to see to it that they are not attacking innocents, and to the contrary, they are supporting everyone's right to life with dignity. At least at the declerative level, there's a huge difference here between people openly advocating terrorism, and people living under a government, even if possibly they support the ruling party and its voted representatives.
pashute, Jul 06 2020


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