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Hardware Shareware

Workshop Tool Detachments
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Drill press: removable handheld drill
Table saw: removable Circular saw
Router table: removable hand held router
Belt Sander: removable hand held sander
Jig Saw: removable hand held reciprical saw
Electric arc welder: removable tasar
Dust removal system: removable shop vac
I couldn't think of any more applications and I imagine that the removable tools would have odd looking orifaces for connection to the stable bench type tools, but I think the concept is do-able. Why pay twice for the same tool?
Zimmy, Nov 08 2003


       Everything is detatchable nowadays Zimmy.   

       [ravenswood], it may sound silly, but yes. In shop tools you can achieve much more precision with a bench tool as it is locked into a plane, while a hand tools' precision depends upon the user's ability to maintain a certain parallelness that is just not possible for exact work.
Zimmy, Nov 08 2003

       Each and every one of those is fully baked in my father's basement workshop.
Freefall, Nov 08 2003

       [Freefall], Shouldn't he try and market these inovations? Especially the tasar.
Zimmy, Nov 08 2003


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