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handy knurler

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This could be a small tool, about the size of a nasal hair trimmer, or an attachment to a multi-purpose tool such as a Dremel. It has a set of rotating diamond-tipped knurling wheels and its function is to add knurls to anything. Does your toothbrush feel insufficiently machine-tooled? Can you not get enough gription on your lunchtime burrito? Super-sleek new smartphone keeps slipping out of your hand? - just add some knurls.
hippo, Sep 23 2015

You mean this? http://www.practica...o-wanted-wade-1.jpg
It might be a bit bigger than a nose hair trimmer, but... [MechE, Sep 23 2015]


       I'm sure embossed det-cord would do the job.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 23 2015


       Hand held and operated knurling rollers exist. See link for one example.
MechE, Sep 23 2015

       You just know that the kids will start calling everything totally knurly.   

       // I'm sure embossed det-cord would do the job. //   

       <stares at smoking fragments of electric toothbrush>   

8th of 7, Sep 23 2015

       //It could be reserved for a faceplant into a wire fence.//   


       That had no feeling whatsoeveratall... and that link looks suspiciously like a pipe-cutter... and 'that' man's playing Galaga.
You thought I wouldn't notice...

       Except for the fact it has grooved wheels instead of a blade, it is a pipe cutter. It's got the same basic function, roll around a round surface and press into it really hard.
MechE, Sep 24 2015

       I think it's a good job the knurler MechE links to has a knurled handle. Else you'd be snookered.
Loris, Sep 24 2015


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