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Harness the Rant

If only this energy could be put to use...
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Recent events seem to have spawned an urge to post rants. Most of these rants seem to be well intentioned, but sprawling, rambling, and unoriginal entities. Most are destined to be marked as rants and deleted.

I propose a category be established for these various war related rants. The beauty of this category will be that the author must choose a poetic form or style and present their rant in this manner. The haiku would be my first choice, for its previty. Option 2 would be the limerick. If an author feels compelled to rant in the style of the Song of Hiawatha, this too would be acceptable. The imposition of artistic boundaries will have two effects - one, by channeling the authors thoughts, it will result in a more precise and elegant rant. Two: these poems may in themselves be things of beauty.

bungston, Mar 20 2003

A fine poetic example. http://www.halfbake...Ancient_20Halfbaker
[bungston, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Newspoetry - Indicators http://www.newspoetry.com/2002/0129.html
My favourite! Thanks for the link Jutta. [silverstormer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       About a year and a half ago we did this with the intersection between the war in Afghanistan and The Sound of Music.
beauxeault, Mar 20 2003

       rant. (+) :)
silverstormer, Mar 20 2003

       This lame idea was worth it for the news poem link. "Walk into the road". Wow.
bungston, Mar 20 2003

       In most cases, topical discussions are m-f-d in short order - this is a unique time of conflict, in that so much hinges on the various outcomes. The picture is far larger than most people realize, as huge amounts of westerners are in Mideast not just to help solve the Iraqi problem, but that of neighbo(u)ring countries as well. Certainly, Afghanistan is seeing new activity as well - speculation holds that Israel/Palestine may see *activity* beyond the ordinary in coming weeks, months and years as well. I perceive this effort to lead to simultaneously tearing down and building walls in geographic and spiritual senses so there is the closest thing to Peace in the Mideast, as Israel doesn't look like it's going anywhere, nor do Palestinians - halfbakery relocation plans or not - and from that point - the global picture looks much better. Each country has the right to exist - more importantly, it's citizens do.
thumbwax, Mar 20 2003

       //The haiku would be my first choice, for its previty.//

Baker’s previty
pluterday, Mar 20 2003

       This idea sucks.
Saddam sucks. Bush sucks. Blair sucks.
Haiku really suck.
pottedstu, Mar 21 2003

       Thumb reads idea
Feels urge to post and formats
Blank Prose.
egbert, Mar 21 2003

       Ichiban go da, Niban nana wa da ne, Ageku go da.
harderthanjesus, Jun 19 2004

       metarant (+)
Voice, Apr 14 2011

       //Ageku go da.// Push pineapple, shake the tree.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 14 2011

       [Thumbwax]: "unique" eh?
Don't I just wish it were so.
It isn't. Sorry.
mouseposture, Apr 14 2011


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