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Harry Potter & The Crossroads Of Science

The next chapter of the Potterverse
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(Disclaimer: I have only seen the movies; I've never read the books...)
While the Wizarding world is stuck in their traditions, using magic but not really advancing, a group of "normal" particle physicists accidentally stumble on HOW magic works.
Turns out, magic people & objects have a connection to a parallel universe. More specifically, a powerful energy source in a parallel universe (I'm thinking neutron star, but I'm open to suggestions). Exotic particles & wormholes (in the parallel universe) allow things like transmogrifications & aspirating.
This naturally has the consequence of (eventually) letting normal people use magic, with the help of tech that can access the parallel universe. As the tech gets more advanced, it becomes BETTER than magical people etc at doing "magic". Magic people (of course) don't like this, & "traditionalists" versus "techies" arguments & fights ensue.
During one such fight, so much "magic" is thrown about that a rift to the parallel universe opens, & something comes through. Former foes become allies to beat this thing back through the rift.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 29 2021

Harry Potter and the Methods Of Rationality http://www.hpmor.com/
Something along the same lines, but without breaking the masquerade or accidental rift creation [Loris, Dec 29 2021]

Shannon's Law - by Cory Doctorow https://www.tor.com...05/05/shannons-law/
A scientifically minded prodigy moves to a town halfway between our world and that of Elves. [AusCan531, Dec 30 2021]


       Sounds a lot like a Terry Pratchett plot, to me. Nothing wrong with that, except they've already been done to death by Terry Pratchett.
pertinax, Dec 29 2021

       Fair enough. I haven't read much Pratchett.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 29 2021

       It's WormyHOLEsaw, not wormyholeSAW...   

       Sounds very similar to the premise in 'Shannon's Law' in the Bordertown compilation. I've linked the story but it's also a great listen on Audiobooks.
AusCan531, Dec 30 2021

       Dammit, now you've got me reading "Methods of Rationality". It seems to be similar to my waffle (only up to chapter 2...).
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 30 2021

       I misread AusCan531's link as "halfway between our world and that of Elvis". It doesn't seem to affect the meaning of the sentence in any significant way.
DrBob, Dec 30 2021

       //Dammit, now you've got me reading "Methods of Rationality".//   

       I think it's really good, so you're welcome.   

       Could be worse, it does at least /end/. If I'd really wanted to tarpit someone I'd have linked TVtropes.
Loris, Dec 30 2021

       [Loris]; it is good (so far) so thank you.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 31 2021

       //"halfway between our world and that of Elvis"//   

       There was a report by a Mr Adams in 1992 of him residing on a desert world & performing at a diner there, the sole habitation on the planet seemingly, but sadly he neglected to tell us where this world is & has since passed making a request for further details awkward (I've tried I really have, but people keep asking what I'm doing in the cemetery with a spade, the nice officer they called got quite insistent last time), so not much help narrowing the scope of this location down for you I'm afraid.
Skewed, Dec 31 2021

       //what I'm doing in the cemetery with a spade//   

       Sturton used to recommend going in brazenly with a hi-viz jacket and a backhoe. Mind you, he might have been talking about buffets.
pertinax, Dec 31 2021

       I didn't know there was a difference
pocmloc, Dec 31 2021

       //a hi- viz jacketI//   

       Tried that, didn't seem work, maybe shouldn't have worn the monocle & top hat as well, might have detracted from the desired impression of a manual worker simply doing his job?   

       //didn't know there was a difference//   

       Between graveyards & buffets?   


       As a general rule of thumb.   

       I'm given to understand eating the contents of one is often frowned apron, while, conversely, eating the contents of the other is somewhat expected, even on occasion encouraged.   

       Which is which is lesson two, I've not got that far yet.
Skewed, Jan 01 2022


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