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Illustrated names

Faces of characters show up when you hover over their names
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I often get confused when reading a novel with many characters and can't remember who is who. This never happens with a TV series or comic book. The difference is that I am really, really terrible at remembering names, but can always recognize a face. So the idea is to have a little portrait of a person show up whenever you hover over their name. This would be useful in news articles as well.
summerstay, May 29 2013

Maybe this could help with voice recognition... _27TIS_20A_20read
[normzone, May 29 2013]


       There is a saying that "all dictators are ugly" but too many people forget that without their face in an old newspaper [+]
4and20, May 29 2013

       In reverse, I get confused with a movie that has too many characters coming and going, so we could put a name plate over them, too? +
xandram, May 29 2013

       Subtitles already included.
skinflaps, May 29 2013

       Hello, [summerstay]! Welcome out of your lurk-shell!   

       I would like this. When I pick up a new book, I usually start out at a point about 2/3 of the way through, and go not-to-the-end. Then I can re-start at the beginning, and know which names I need to remember.
lurch, May 29 2013

       I'm not sure I understand the idea... is the book supposed to sense when you're "hovering" ?
FlyingToaster, May 29 2013

       Need this. Names and dates just don't stick.   

       I was thinking lenticular printing, but that'd make for rather thick pages.
FlyingToaster, May 30 2013


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