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Hats for cups

Now your drinks can literally be filled to the brim.
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Introducing the hippest new drink accessory for use in trendy coffee shops: Hats for cups.

These little hats, available in a range of designer styles, cover your drink when you're not sipping. The opposite of coasters, they protect your drink from above, and even seal in heat, while acting as a unique fashion statement.

When you're not drinking, just slip the tiny topper onto the rim of your cup, covering your drink. Be it cold or hot, your drink will stay that way. Try any of our deluxe styles: Tiny top hats, for the opera; tanned leather mini cowboy hats, for you tough guys; hard hats, complete with forehead light, for the ultimate in drink protection; and even a little fedora to make drinky the coolest liquid in the house. Even stretch a ski mask over your hot chocolate, and protect it from snowballs while still being able to waft its tasty steam, or put a bike helmet on that lemonade and bring it with you on the Tour de France!

Tiny monocle and moustache included for free with every top hat sold!

DrWorm, Oct 10 2009


       Oh, come on, [21]. You've given a link to doll hats. Those really have little to do with the idea at hand. I know that this probably wasn't your intention, but they way your comment comes across is that you're just looking for an excuse to bone my latest post.   

       What you could have said in your link was, "You could use these."
DrWorm, Oct 10 2009

       [+] for the summary.
FlyingToaster, Oct 11 2009


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