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tamper-tempered cozy

This is an idea designed to prevent someone from slipping anything in your drink when you're not looking.
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This is a two-part device. The first part is an expandable drink cozy with a small proximity detector in it. The second is a ring you wear with a small chip inside.

If anything comes within, say, 6 inches of your drink, the cozy emits a shrill alarm.

This is where the ring comes in. The chip in the ring is passcoded, so when *you* reach for it, the alarm doesn't go off.

21 Quest, Dec 01 2006


       Good idea, 6 inches seems like a big distance, I can see the alarm going off a lot at a crouded party.

       On a similar theme, how about a beer bottle top that has a special valve in it that only lets drink pass through when you use it?
Helixthecat, Dec 01 2006

       I was thinking of that, actually. Sort of a locking bottle cap that only can be opened if the ring touches it. I figured that would need its own post, though.
21 Quest, Dec 01 2006

       I vote + for anything that stops the drugging of a drink. I had a gf once that was out to a bar, somebody drugged her drink and I did not hear from her for 3 days. Luckly a friend realised what had happend to her and brought her to the hospital to be checked out. Bun to you good sir.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 01 2006


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