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Spill-Proof Coconut Lids

Couldn't resist, guys...
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These would be rubber lids , approximately 4 inches in diameter, designed to be stretched over the open part of a coconut half. The middle has a valve through which a straw should be inserted. To be used in the car in conjunction with coconut holders. Once the liquid contents have been enjoyed, simply remove the lid and have at the fleshy white solid goodness inside.
21 Quest, Aug 10 2010


       Solid? It's at its best when it's still jelly.
baconbrain, Aug 10 2010

       Well yes... I just said solid to differentiate from the liquid.
21 Quest, Aug 10 2010

       Good point. Sorry. I am just really craving a coconut today, and visualizing every bit of goodness with hallucinatory clarity.
baconbrain, Aug 10 2010

       You could have a metal shunt that's screwed into the coconut, with a nozzle on the other end to drink from. (I, too, thirst for coconut.)
DrWorm, Aug 10 2010


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