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Haunted HalfBakery House

For the mood of Halloween
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Expansive vivid form elusive, inside creatures dwell
In undetermined forms translucent bent at alters glowing bright
Thru fog of non erudite mind the movements swell
Take not for granted spirit shapes that they are meant in lite!

You want to stroll along Grand Hall of Ideas Recent, ether blurred
Enchanting dough boy dossier doesn't half to lead you back
Lost to the entering eyes the sign does stir
But fascinating schemes absurd distracts


Oh, but for those spirit sounds in written voice they do pull
Blissful Haunt it beckons soul from shadows lingering to explore
In gleeful heart you trade your real life time shares over for

"Come a little closer you, Come. Push gently at my door... "

Even half steps in are blood by proxy on the covenant you now keep
In cautious thought you pause. "Step lively now in ideas, you've recipes to make."
Your mind consumed, it casts away all pleadings for just a little sleep
In hollowed chambers deeper still your mind's voice creeks, "This is a dream. No I'm awake?"

And the walls answer back as the same first blissful call
"This is where you live now. This is where you bake!"

hollajam, Oct 16 2002

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       egnor -alx po indeed.
Jinbish, Oct 16 2002

       Fair enough.
hollajam, Oct 16 2002

       Ah, now here is an underused category.   

       Is that first anno a reference to the egnor-yuck period?
normzone, Dec 16 2014


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