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Hell is Empty, and All The Poets Are In Here

marked for expiry
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Look at thine works, ye writy, and despair

(see link)

theircompetitor, Jun 22 2022

New Yorker article with AI written poems. Read it. To The End. https://www.newyork...em-making-machinery
[theircompetitor, Jun 22 2022]

Trurl's Electronic Bard https://electriclit...Electronic-Bard.pdf
[a1, Jun 22 2022]

contra https://www.austral...try-prize-shortlist
[pertinax, Jun 23 2022]

Alexa, sound like Aunt Mary... https://news.sky.co...heyre-dead-12638752
Just have them read an original poem in Robert Frost's voice, and style... [RayfordSteele, Jun 23 2022]

"We really need a 'non invention news' post here." https://www.halfbak..._3a_20Non-Invention
"Just a single category should do it." [a1, Jun 23 2022]


       Bun for interesting stuff. We really need a "non invention news" post here. Just a single category should do it.
doctorremulac3, Jun 22 2022

       Speaking of the ubiquitous AI deployment that is the Singularity: what role did AI play in the recent Uvalde shooting? Maybe the coppas got 'bad intel' to wait (an hour! in the hallway just outside the classrooms!!) 'til the SWAT team showed up.   

       Or maybe it was simply an eleven-fold case of Bystander Effect--everybody trained to respond, but nobody taking the first step.
Sgt Teacup, Jun 22 2022

       Some of those poems are actually good. Better than the average human. Which is proof that machines have souls or that poets don't. I'm not sure which concept is more uncomfortable.
Voice, Jun 23 2022

       From my limited perspective all of reality is mechanical life creating, observing, and failing to understand the life it created in order to understand itself... while at the same time having been created by that which they don't understand.   

       Oh the drama...   

       In the linked short-list of poems for a national poetry prize, the first was written by a friend of mine who is both a poet and a software developer. It was written with the aid of AI (generative text, Markov chains, etc.), but not by AI.   

       There is a window in which we might still use AI to enhance, rather than replace, human intelligence. I don't know how long it will remain open, but it's still open now.
pertinax, Jun 23 2022

       I can make this creepier...   

RayfordSteele, Jun 23 2022

       //There is a window in which we might still use AI to enhance, rather than replace, human intelligence. I don't know how long it will remain open, but it's still open now.//   

       You can enhance a model T all day, but you won't end up with a Tesla.
Voice, Jun 23 2022

       You don't need to.
pertinax, Jun 23 2022

       watimsayinis for specific transportation tasks in the modern world a Tesla is better than a Model T. The latter is only kept around, and in decreasing numbers, for nostalgia. So there's no point in upgrading a Model T. Doing so generally reduces its value. If you want to soup yourself up, go ahead. But you'll never compete with the machines that are coming. Soup yourself up for pleasure, doing it for profit just won't work.
Voice, Jun 23 2022


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