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Have Bicycle, Will Knit Jumpers

ride around knitting on a tandem knitting
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"Have Bicycle, Will Knit Jumpers" is the name given to a new type of tandem that is part bicycle, part knitting machine.

It's not that complicated really - the front of the bike is devoted to steering etc as well as providing half the peddle power. This frees up the other rider at the back end to concentrate on operating the knitting machine. The knitting is naturally powered by the bicycle via an extra chain drive. It doesn't need that much energy to run a knitting machine so two cyclists should easily manage both the movement of the tandem and the creation of the jumpers.

Some basic cowling protects the knitting action from all but the worst weather, when naturally the bike is rested up.

Other tandem combos are under development such as:
Have Bicycle, Will Sew Flags and
Have Bicycle, Will Type Up Reports

Super complicated version makes wooden toys using a fret saw, drill and lathe.

xenzag, Jul 03 2021


       You are a breath of fresh air. My bicycle is my life, but I ain't making it no working machine. It's just for pleasure. But if you want to work while you ride, well then, have at it, Sir Xen.
blissmiss, Jul 04 2021

       I was hoping that the bicycle would travel a three-dimensional track, drawing the wool behind it. That would produce a very open knit, suitable for children's play, a bit like one of those plastic tunnel mazes, but knitted, and therefore softer.
pertinax, Jul 04 2021

       +have bicycle will bake croissants
xandram, Jul 04 2021

       Definitely can use for that, and also Have Bicycle Will Fill Teeth, though this version requires a 3rd rear facing seat for the patient to use. In this case the dentist doesn't need to peddle, but the patient does to drive the drill.
xenzag, Jul 04 2021

       A garment for jumping?
whatrock, Jul 04 2021

       Yes. The wool comes from spring lambs.
xenzag, Jul 04 2021


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