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Have Snowglobes Will Travel

snow globe containers
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Pack all your liquids into Have Snowglobes Will Travel containers and stroll through airport security with impunity. How can this be you ask, just when you were getting used to freezing them all? (following Hippo's wonderful idea)

Have Snowglobes Will Travel are simple containers that hold your special perfumes, marmite, and vital liquids of any kind, only they are packed in the form of Snowglobes, which are permitted to pass with impunity through airport security.

Read this and learn the way of the Snowglobe.
"Snow globes (unless otherwise prohibited)** OK" (see link)

xenzag, Nov 06 2013

Have Snowglobes, will travel http://www.tsa.gov/...on/prohibited-items
Scroll down to the bottom items [xenzag, Nov 06 2013]


       Hmm, so, airlines are safe except from a terrorist wearing Skates (including ice skates and rollerblades), carrying a projectile weapon using Small compressed gas cartridges, firing Snow globes using Wrenches/Pliers/Screwdrivers (seven inches or less in length) as a grip.   

       NSA is presumably keeping track of sales of McGyver DVD's in AQ type areas.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 06 2013

       Yep - that's about right. Last time I flew from Gatwick in London they took a celebration jar of marmite off me and tossed it in a bin despite my protests and offers to eat a large sample of it. My "try to smile and be happy" comments seemed to be of no help, nor did my advice of "would it not be a good idea to at least have some eye contact with me, what's the worst thing that might happen?"   

       With the marmite contained inside snowglobes this can never happen again.   

       I detest stupid people having any type of authority over me, and I never fail to convey this. These people make us less safe and that's a problem, as I believe even a moderately smart terrorist could get whatever they wanted unto a plane.
xenzag, Nov 06 2013

       [xenzag] you seem to be under the impression that the purpose of the TSA is to provide security.
Voice, Nov 06 2013

       //I detest stupid people having any type of authority over me\\ I therefor propose we give this authority to dogs instead.
zeno, Nov 07 2013

       What [zeno] said.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2013

       Trained crows would be better. Then going through airport security would be like Tippi Hedren tiptoeing through the house and front yard full of squawking crows at the end of "The Birds".
hippo, Nov 07 2013


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