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Gas Security for Airplane

Sleeping gas for airplanes
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Pilots would be in the cockpit with a combination activated sleeping gas. When a terrorist or some other dumb guy decides to go crazy and kill passengers or attempts mutiny on the pilot the pilots would put on their air masks to protect them from the gas or better yet the pilots have a special vaccine that protects them from sleeping gas. The pilots dial in the combination which alerts air traffic control of the problem on board and the plane dispenses its sleeping agent putting passengers and the terrorists all sound asleep. This eliminates the needs of costly security guards and other problems.

Also the pilots could be put to sleep from ground control if they go off course dramatilcly or if they are known to be terrorist opperatives. When the pilots are asleep ground control will remotly land the plane to a safe location where the terrorist pilots could be arrested.

JoeLounsbury, Feb 24 2004

One reason this might not be such a great idea http://news.bbc.co..../europe/2370633.stm
113 out of 800 dead from overdose [Worldgineer, Oct 17 2004]

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       As I understand it knock out gas is just part of the magic of film. Small kids could get to much and die and fat terrorists might only get enough to realy piss them off. You couldn't just keep the room filled with gas either because then everyone would overdose
q2cannonfodder, Feb 24 2004

       It would be easier and "safer" to depressurize the plane slowly and let hypoxia take over. It tends to affect most people equally. The pilot would mearly need to slip his oxygen mask on (required in the cockpit) and fly to an altitude which would retain the euphoria and not kill the passengers.   

       Yes, a few with heart conditions may perish along the way, but can't make an omelet with cracking a few eggs, right?
Klaatu, Feb 24 2004

       (envisioning a fight scene, with Bruce Willis fighting terrorist while everyone involved has on those little plastic face masks that pop down from the overhead compartment)
Worldgineer, Feb 24 2004

       Actually, I thought this idea was about stopping flatulent passengers on airplanes.   

       <Flight attendant safety lecture> "...and in the pocket in front of you, you will find a large cork. To insert the cork, you bend over and..." <safety lecture>
Klaatu, Feb 24 2004


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