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He-Man Wrestling Federation

They Call Each Other Out and Go Toe to Toe on Helium
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Professional Wrestling groups all over the world have at least one thing in common. Inside or outside the ring, they call each other out and threaten to dismember each other using their manliest testosterone and steroid-laden voices. It's one of my favorite parts on those occasions when I can stand to watch them.

This idea has them going toe to toe on helium. All of the threats, promises of bodily injury, and declarations of manly superiority are done in squeaky high helium voices.

Grogster, Sep 14 2010

Broadway Danny Rose http://www.youtube....watch?v=1-HvpZtY1Gg
helium scene - one of my fav films of all time. [xenzag, Sep 14 2010]

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       May we also have "We represent the lollipop kids...we wish to welcome you to Munchkin land" sung with uranium hexaflouride?
mouseposture, Sep 14 2010

       I was thinking about the Lithium-Man or the Prefrontal-Leukotomy-Man Wrestling Federation, but it might take more time to get the threats and declarations out than is currently available in the 60 minute televised format. Also, the wrestlers are much less animated in that condition and tend more toward droopy-eyed drooling and incoherent speech. So, "He-Man" got the nod!
Grogster, Sep 14 2010

       Good one - check the link for a helium shoot out.
xenzag, Sep 14 2010

       Disappointed that it isn't a Masters-of-the-Universe™ inspired wrestling event that includes 'Ram-Man' and 'Fisto'.
Jinbish, Sep 14 2010


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