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Goal Pole

There's Always Some Doubt... makes game tenser!
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Lots of games have goals delimited by two posts (e.g. a soccer goal net, a hockey goal, or an American Football field goal post.

That way everyone knows when the ball is in the goal. BORING!

Instead of two poles there should only be one pole. Any ball that hits the pole is automatically a goal. Balls that *don't* hit the pole might be goals, but only the referees of the game know the required distance to the pole to consider a ball a goal, and they determine this at random before the game begins. A referee watches on video with superimposed distance markings and signals whether a shot has scored a goal.

The boundaries need not be symmetrical either. Soccer goalies must be worried at all times that a wide ball may be worth a point, but must also temper this with knowledge of their own limitations.

Interestingly, baseball already has this setup, as different umpires have stricter or more lenient strike zones but this is only determined by the players/pitchers as the game develops.

Let's add this now to other games. Goal shots that miss might score 0 points, but will aid the offense [and the defense] in narrowing down the goal location.

phundug, Oct 22 2007


       Alternatively, you could have goal-posts on runners, which would move teasingly back and forth along the goal line. <shows age>It would be a bit like trying to hit one of the mother-ships in Space Invaders.</shows age>
pertinax, Oct 23 2007

       I keep thinking about what sort of object to best contact this pole.
Perhaps something U shaped. : )

       Yeah, kind of like a horseshoe!   

       How about double-value areas and triple-value areas, like on a dart board?
Canuck, Oct 23 2007

PauloSargaco, Oct 25 2007

       That's why they invented golf.
LoriZ, Aug 12 2010

       //That way everyone knows when the ball is in the goal. BORING!//   

       Except when refereeing England vs. Germany
Ling, Aug 13 2010


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