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Horse Jumping

Horses painted to look like hedges or fences.
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Paint a horse on one side to look like a jumping fence or gate or a hedge (photo real artistry required)

it has to be hard to catch the outline of the horse.

so here is the sport humans are challenged to sprint and leap over the horse

have not figured out the point system

vfrackis, May 12 2009

Like this? http://www.theequin...nding-horse-images/
Fifth image down [normzone, May 12 2009]


       I'd say you get points if your jump doesn't run away when they see you coming.
normzone, May 12 2009

       ride electric jumping fences over 'em.
po, May 12 2009

       That link gives me pause for concern. I hope it's not like stupid pet tricks. I think horses are too grand for that.
blissmiss, May 12 2009

       this concept is in general and anti equine abuse sport   

       leaping over horses is in my opinion somewhat less cruel than straddling it with a fat human and forcing it to leap over objects in a moment of induced and unecessary panic   

       look i saw the dog crane as a fun form of transportation for animals   

       monkeys in a position of power that's innovation   

       my animal ideas empower animals   

       elevate their station in the world   

       now if i were to suggest something like Caninenecrophiliostitution i would concede animal abusive idea only because - how could the dogs broker the deal, they could not.
vfrackis, May 13 2009

       I can't figure out the point of the system either.   

       + anyway.
nomocrow, May 13 2009

       Horses have too slick a hide - you would never succeed in creating the sort of painting that stays true even if you alter you vantage point - you need a surface that is more 3d on the small scale - better use mammoth (for limbo, of course, not jumping) - this would create a need to recreate them, which would be a nice side effect. If you also find a necessity for the Dodo in this (tossing?), you are on to something.
loonquawl, May 13 2009


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