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Headlight Rings

LED Running Lights
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I drive with my lights on in the daytime for a bit of added safety. The hope is that my lights will help make me more visible in case a driver isn't paying attention, has a dirty windshield, etc. However, headlights are very inefficient for this purpose. First, they are incandescent, which uses a lot of energy. Second, they are highly directional. This is useful for seeing objects in your driving path at night, but only makes your vehicle more visible if you are oriented in exactly the right direction.

I propose a ring of white LEDs around each headlight for daytime use. These will have three advantages:

1. They will use much less energy than your headlights.
2. They will be much more visible than your headlight in all directions that aren't directly forward, and visible enough in that direction as well.
3. The shape and color will be reminiscent of headlights, so little extra comprehension time will be required.

#3 was added after I considered flashing colored lights, but thought of someone staring at the pretty flashing thing they've never seen before for far too long until they realize that it means something that the pretty flashing thing is rapidly growing.

Worldgineer, Apr 10 2004

Halo Headlights http://www.symmic.c...ROD&ProdID=565&HS=1
Ex.1 [Letsbuildafort]

Halo Headlights http://www.shoeshis...ems/2460480271.html
Ex.2 [Letsbuildafort, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Halo Headlights http://www.shoeshis...ems/2460480271.html
Ex.2 [Letsbuildafort, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

LED running lights http://www.detnews....4/01/g03-101111.htm
[bs0u155]'s link as a link [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       [worldgineer] I notice that the new BMW 3 coupe has LED rear headlights, arranged into an array to be the same shape as the old conventional light.
jonthegeologist, Apr 10 2004

       That's an odd trick to play on pedestrians. I think I have a higher degree of caution for vehicles moving backwards, as they have a limited field of vision.
Worldgineer, Apr 10 2004

       Halo headlights provide an LED lit ring around the main beam bulb and during daytime use look different. See link. Ex.2 is the better of the pair (at the top - lit).   

       Though, I think you were invisioning a it LED ring around the perimeter of the headlight assembly. Bun none the less! [+]
Letsbuildafort, Apr 10 2004

       LED running lights are baked I'm afraid   

       [see link. --admin]
bs0u155, Apr 11 2004

       [fog] Yes, we've all heard of daytime running lights. I don't know what your second sentence means. The ones I know about are highy directional - they are built into your headlight, and therefore mirrored to shine directly forward.   

       [bs0u] Don't be afraid. I think it's good news that they may come close to baking this. The problem with the car you've linked to is it's running lights are a funky shape and glow green. That would take me an extra second to realize they are part of a car, and that's a negative design feature.
Worldgineer, Apr 11 2004

       I hope they would be forced off at night, because most illumination at night that is omni-directional will destroy your night vision... leaving you less effective for about thirty minutes.
alc, Apr 11 2004

       Yes, these shut off when you turn on your headlights.
Worldgineer, Apr 11 2004


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