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Headlights Default to “On” Position at Night

so your headlights are on at night
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I live in a city and see an inordinate number of cars driving at night without their headlights on. It’s no too difficult, in some car models, to be unaware that your headlights are off, since the city’s illuminated by streetlights, signs, etc. But if other motorists or pedestrians can’t see you, it’s dangerous.

I propose, either through means of a photo-sensor or the car’s clock, that when it’s dark, your car knows it and turns the headlights on for you at ignition. Of course, if you were using your car to commit a crime, or had some need for stealth, the lights could still be turned off.

snarfyguy, Nov 13 2001

Citroen C5 http://www.citroen..../c5/technology.html
Photosensors turn lights on in tunnels and at night. [pottedstu, Nov 13 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Intelligent headlights http://www.just-aut...ail.asp?art=439&c=1
Far cleverer things to do with headlights (e.g. connect to GPS). [pottedstu]

Irish Car magazine on C5 http://irishcar.com/citroenc5fvbb.htm
Detailed review of features. [pottedstu, Nov 13 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Irish Car magazine on C5 http://irishcar.com/citroenc5fvbb.htm
Detailed review of features. [pottedstu, Nov 13 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       All I need to say is Volvo. Plus, I had this idea on paper 25 years ago when I was 8. I think one of the scooter manufacturers had a model that had a pop-up headlight that came on automatically due to photo sensors.
LardyBloke, Nov 13 2001

       Very baked: see also the new Citroen C5 (no relation to the Sinclair C5).
pottedstu, Nov 13 2001

       UnaBubba, their called sidelights in the UK, Volvo are the only cars to do this, I know they are not headlights but they do increase visability. I drive a Volvo and I just leave my headlights on all the time anyway, no-one's pulled out on me yet!
LardyBloke, Nov 13 2001

       Baked. I own a car (2000 model year) with automatic headlights. They turn on and off with a photo sensor (full brightness when on) even when the switch on the dashboard is off. I can also force them on in the daylight via the switch. Most of the luxury cars in the USA have this feature now, as well as some not-quite-so-luxurious ones (mine, for example).
BigBrother, Nov 13 2001

       I bought an Acura RL from a friend that had bought the car new in Vancouver BC. Sure enough, it has running lights that, as the manual describes them, are a low setting of the brights. The blue brights indicator on the instrument cluster even comes on at a dim setting when they are on. They turn on automatically when the parking brake is released.
Also, I believe that all the new VW Beetles have always-on running lights similar to the system on my Acura.
bristolz, Nov 13 2001

       GM has been producing daytime running lights on all of their cars and trucks for a few years now (since 1999), but they don't automatically default to regular headlights at night, a feature which has appeared on certain rental cars since about 1997. however, for model year 2000 and after, GM has made it possible to turn off the DRL's by pressing the Dome Override button 4 times: thing is you have to do it every time you turn on the car. handy to have in case you're trying to evade someone at night.
tkeyser, Nov 13 2001

       Just give the birds flashlights if you need to travel in the dark. You might need to stop every few miles to give their wings a rest, but they are usually eager to please.
arora, Nov 13 2001

       Good evening, Mr_. ______, how may I be of service?
Hi, OS … I'm having trouble seeing the road ahead, I have had to stop the car.
Mr_. _______, you're at the intersection of Denada and Adonde. There's no streetlight at that corner and you'll need to turn on your headlights, or, if you'd prefer I can do that for you.
Thank you, can you do anything about the high beams?
Only yours, Mr_. _______; only yours.

       When everyone over the age of 15 uses Onstar.
reensure, Nov 13 2001


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