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Health Food Cigarette

A proposal for a Health Food Cigarette
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Make a cigarette that contains 1/25 of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. This way, smokers can feel better that they are offsetting their unhealthy habit with something healthy, however miniscule it actually may be.

Various "blends" would be available: vitamin C, D, or E; riboflavin; aloe vera; snake bite anti-toxin; etc.

The method by which the additives are delivered to the smoker would be a mere chemical engineering problem. Considering the number of chemicals already added to cigarettes, this would not pose a major cost disadvantage.

xrayTed, Dec 03 2000


       The last thing we shuold do is make smokers feel better about smoking.
blahginger, Dec 03 2000

       uh...sort of like marijuana for medicinal purposes?
Wild_Mustang_Rider, Dec 04 2000

       I voted for this, but I don't think the tobbaco industry would ever agree to it (unless they didn't get taxed as much for doing it).
tduff, Jan 04 2001

       I know why don't we all start smoking carrots. They have tones of healthy stuff... and they are almost shaped like siggs.   

       Oh if you are ever really hard up for a light... break a carrot in half put it on a plate with the ends facing each other, then put your sigg in between the ends of the carrots... it might take a few trys (and a couple of carrots) but their will be a spark that could (if your lucky) light your smoke
Yrema, Aug 08 2001

       I have never, *ever* seen anyone light a cigarette with the two parts of a broken carrot. Of course, I don't get out that much...
angel, Aug 08 2001

       I have heard second-hand stories of someone taking the lens off his 1,000,000 candle power spotlight and lighting his ciggarrette on the lit halogen bulb.
Amishman35, Dec 18 2001

       Surgeon General's Warning: "Cigarettes may actually be GOOD for you?"
Grim Stats, Sep 30 2003


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