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Healthy Woman's Hearty Meal

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I just had a tremendous lunch. Best lunch I've had all week, and I had catered lunches all week until yesterday. Today's lunch was a frozen entree from the grocery store, and it was absolutely wonderful. It was three hearty pieces of fried chicken just fluffy with batter, mashed potatos, corn and a brownie.

I can only highly recommend this meal to half of you, though I would like to recommend it to everyone. Now, it is true that some woman out there, confident in her personhood, might be willing to cart this behemoth of a box into the work break room, tear into it with great aplomb as folks around her ooh! and ahhh! at the words "Hungry Man" screaming out from the box label in huge bold red and brown manly letters. It is possible. And I would have no problem with it myself. But even I would find it at the very least remarkable. That all being said, I think this is the rare case. I imagine most women would not be very comfortable walking around with this box, and would strain to cover the burly letters. This is not right. This marvellous "Hungry Man" meal (I don't know if the brand is available overseas, but if not, you at least get the picture) should be available to all without shame.

The exact same meal should be packaged and marketed (and sold for only US$3.00, by the way) as "Healthy Woman's Hearty Meal" or something like that. This way we all can share in the wonder of this most wondrous of packaged frozen foods. I love a woman that will eat. But I don't blame her if she doesn't want the box to bring her undue attention as she hoists it around the office.

P.S. The brownie was not very good, by the way, but I ate it because it was good for me.

globaltourniquet, Nov 30 2007

Mmmmmm. Over one pound of food. http://www.swansonm...fault.aspx?tabid=66
OK, so the letters are red and yellow. Still they are quite manly. [globaltourniquet, Nov 30 2007]


       How about a sticker that otherwise matches the logo already printed on the box, but reads "Healty Wo"? Slap it over the "Hungry" and [po]'s yer aunt.
phoenix, Nov 30 2007

       I must not care *too* much. I bought several of these, (very yummy), dinners not long ago, and checked out at the self-service counter.   

       A bold, brazen, brassy move perhaps, but I never thought twice about it. I assumed anyone that looked would think it was for my big, fat, beer swilling, hubby at home ;-)
blissmiss, Dec 01 2007


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