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Hear Voices From the Other Side

At the back of your amplifier there are connections for REMOTE speakers
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Remote means far off in space; there is no remote area in your house. This is how you are able to hear sounds from the far side of all the music you listen to.

Hook up two tweeters/midrange to the left and right terminals of these remote speaker connections but tie their two ground connections together and connect to a 1 mfd. capacitor and then connect it to the ground. Disconnect one of the main left or right speakers, substitute an eight ohm resistor and put on some music.

Some of the seventies hits have voices in the background from other musicians, I guess, saying casual remarks I've never heard before.

Listen for yourself. You've got a brand new music collection!

mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004


       This is more of a recipe than a half-baked idea, surely?
DrCurry, Dec 28 2004

       I don't get it. Does the capacator somehow delay the signal, or am I missing something blindingly obvious and looking particularly silly right now?
zen_tom, Dec 28 2004

       I thought this had to do with thin office walls
normzone, Dec 28 2004

       I thought this was going to have something to do with hearing voices of the deceased, like in that movie "White Noise."
Machiavelli, Dec 28 2004

       That's what I thought, still don't get it though.
zen_tom, Dec 28 2004

       Kinda like the disney movies, if you listen closely....
DesertFox, Dec 28 2004

       I had to wake up in the middle of my night/day to answer this. I was hearing voices. This is about phasing. I'm cancelling some sounds and 'amplifying' others with this. This played tricks with my ears for weeks especially when one of the main speakers became unattached by accident. I thought I was listening to a station that played out-takes of popular hits.   

       Some of the early stereo recordings put some musicians all on one speaker or they had phase problems in recording and it starts there. There is also a whole sytem of 3D sound that uses a -+, +-,++, -- way of hooking up stereo speakers. Most amplifiers have a common ground for the speaker terminals. Don't try this if you don't know much about the inside of your amp.
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       I wonder if I was hearing something more complex. My tweeters are four foot high hollow wax cones tapering down to a six inch diameter base. One side of the cone is flat and there are six mid-range to two inch speakers mounted on this in various series parallel wiring to achieve eight ohms. It was difficult to phase them all as well. So all those things were going on.   

       [Brau Beaton], if you are saying hook up one speaker from left out to right out, that is different than this circuit.That is a low current circuit that you are talking about. This still involves the ground return. Can you re-explain?
mensmaximus, Dec 29 2004


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