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Hearing aid lapel mics

Lapel mics for hearing aids
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Hearing aids can be very useful because they allow the user to stare blankly at a person and say "sorry what did you say" repeatedly.

However sometimes the user wants to actually have a conversation with a person.

This set of discreet lapel mics connects to the hearing aid. The user can hand out lapel mics to the people they wish to have a conversation with. Each of these persons clips a lapel mic onto their lapel and then they can talk normally to the hearing aid user. Other people can be pointedly not offered a mic so that they can be rudely excluded from the conversation.

If the mic is carried out of range of the hearing aid it starts to beep, thus annoying the wearer enough to make them give the thing back to the hearing aid user.

pocmloc, Sep 15 2022

Do you by any chance have a hearing aid? https://www.youtube...watch?v=tcliR8kAbzc
[a1, Sep 15 2022]

Roger https://www.phonak....er-clip-on-mic.html
[a1, Sep 15 2022]


       I am certain this exists, but it may take a few minutes to find current examples. In the meantime, enjoy the clip.
a1, Sep 15 2022

       Phonak Roger (linked) is a product line of external microphones for hearing aids that can be used as you describe.
a1, Sep 15 2022

       OK thank you!
pocmloc, Sep 15 2022

       [a1], those Roger units look pretty neat. Next step would be a directional system, so you can have multiple people wearing a mic, but only the one you're looking at is louder in your hearing aids.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 15 2022

       [neutrinos_shadow], I don't think Phonak is the only company who makes something like that, just the first ones I found. There might be something closer to what you're looking for from other vendors.   

       My wife's hearing aids - cheap ones from Costco - have a directional setting that's supposed to let her choose focus directly in front, all around, or just to left or right side. She says it doesn't work very well but at least the concept is there. Sometimes she'll take out her iPhone and turn on "Live Listen" to stream from her phone's microphone. That's directional enough to help when she's listening to someone in a meeting or a lecture hall.
a1, Sep 15 2022


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