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CardioSonic - Music to the beat of your heart

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Heart beat sensor paired with your smartphone, standard stuff of course.

The magic is that the cardio rythum is synced to your music program in such a way that all the music moves to the beat of your heat.

If the current song cannot sync with your heart because it is too fast or slow, then it will transition to another music that betters matches your cardiac rhythm.

mofosyne, Jun 14 2014

Mike Portnoy - Odd-Time Signatures Demonstration https://www.youtube...watch?v=no4luPP6t9c
[mofosyne, Jun 14 2014]

Requiem For A Dream Theminator Requiem_20For_20A_20Dream_20Theminator
a less ambitious version [Voice, Jun 15 2014]


       What if you are in atrial fibrillation?
bungston, Jun 14 2014

       — bungston,   

       Maybe old timed music would be to your taste? Hows your heart these days?
mofosyne, Jun 14 2014

       Here I am typing again so it must be doing something right. Beyond that I don't get too curious.
bungston, Jun 14 2014

       The Arrhythmics...   

       A lot of really intense songs have slow and/or irregular beats. I think songs would have to be written for this application.
Voice, Jun 14 2014

       Slower than 1 beat / second?
bungston, Jun 14 2014

       Thought I annoed here earlier, but alcohol may have been involved, so I'll repeat.   

       Can I get a track based on my blood pressure? Maybe some personal ring tone that would call me and without answering I would know I need to chill?   

       Spoken as a man who will time out based on such data.   

       Oh, and [fries], too, too, cool musical reference. I had a horse who love Annie Lennox "Who's That Girl".
normzone, Jun 14 2014

       You might not believe this [norm] but, the Arrhythmics, popped into my head weeks ago and I've been waiting for it to be relevant.
The name, Demi Lovatomy popped into my head around the same time but that one doesn't feel relevant in the least.

       : ]   

       I blame my brother for cracking me up by complaining about the radio station playing "Alanis More-upset" at work one day.   

       My heart has always fluttered. Sometimes it just stops for stretches of time. No pain, just... fluttery-ness.
This idea either wouldn't work well for me.

       ...or it would totally rock!   

       -ytk, noted
mofosyne, Jun 15 2014


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