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Heated Stadium Seats/Bleachers

for warm asses during cold-weather outings
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This is pretty self-explanatory. For sports that are played during cold weather (or in cold arenas), such as american football, ice hockey, umm... post-season baseball, whatever--hook up the seats or bleachers to some electricity so they'd be gently warmed. I'm sure it could be done. The only problems I foresee are 1) it could be expensive, but with the amount of money these pro sports teams pull in, I'm sure they could make it happen; and 2) possible electrocution in the event of rain/snow. As far as solving that second problem goes, I'll leave it up to those of you with electrical engineering degrees.
SquidInk, Mar 05 2003

Wilson Stadium -- Buffalo, NY http://www.esmagazi...,2534,25494,00.html
it's a start... but i'm lookin for a stadium where EVERYONE gets heated seats [SquidInk, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Circulating hot water solves your second issue.
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2003

       ah. excellent suggestion.   

       actually, that's a much better idea. croissant to you [waug]....
SquidInk, Mar 05 2003

       It would have to be a water/glycol or water/alcohol mix, otherwise the medium would freeze when the system was off. But that could work.
8th of 7, Mar 05 2003

       Individual heater control could give endless posibilities of Mexican wave configurations. I'm thinking steam jets or electrical spikes here....
silverstormer, Mar 05 2003

       [dimandja] i guess the ice hockey arenas i've been to are either poor or old.
SquidInk, Mar 05 2003

       nuts. well, when i first thought of this idea i was primarily concerned with how bitterly cold it gets during wintertime (american) football games. so i'll scrap the ice hockey idea and make it only for football stadiums.
SquidInk, Mar 05 2003

       Any weatherfolk around? Could an open-air stadium/warm air source turn into a tornado generator?
phoenix, Mar 05 2003

       [phoenix] Is that because of all the fans?
silverstormer, Mar 05 2003

       Two pairs of pants have worked just fine for me. I'm a big fan of gloves too. It would probably cost less to just cover the whole stadium, or rent portable heated seats/seat covers in the concessions.
slightly, Mar 06 2003

No, I'm thinking about lots of warm air rising in a column, cooling, then falling again. Isn't that how tornados start?
phoenix, Mar 06 2003

       In one of the halls at Eton, there are benches heated by hot water pipes running under them. Where the hot spots were, generations of bottoms had worn down the benches.
oneoffdave, Mar 07 2003

       Reheatable seat cushion at www.warmyourbuns.com Kept my family warm for all ours kids soccer games in cold northeast. Stays warm for hours!
noeffort, Nov 29 2003


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