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Reduce crowd violence at football games with licensed riots
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Providing a properly licensed and regulated event for soccer hooligans would eliminate the need to commit violence during games, and provide entertainment for the rest of the crowd. Each football team would have its own hooligans - they could even wear special uniforms representing their respective clubs, like the regular players do. The bouts would take place during half-time as soon as the footballers have left the field, with special ice-hockey style barriers erected on the perimeter of the field to contain the action. The hooligans would be unarmed, but a baseball bat would be awarded to the opposing team for each yellow/red card offence committed by the hooligan's team during the football game. The game would last as long as half-time - fifteen minutes - or when a team has managed to kill/maim all of its opponents.
a121509, Jun 02 2003

Among the Thugs http://tinyurl.com/d8vh
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       no way, take up much too much time to pick up all the teeth
po, Jun 02 2003

       This sounds like the Grand Melee of that used to feature during jousting tournaments.   

       Interesting to read that in these real football themed combats people are given American artifacts (baseball bats) for carding offences. Is this McViolence?
Aristotle, Jun 03 2003

       i assume 'sudden death' is self-explanatory in this game!
Infinitely buzzing, Jun 03 2003

       On the subject of nonbaseball uses of baseball bats, Paisley (a dump of a town in West Central Scotland) is tarnished with the urban myth that more baseball bats are sold there than in any other locale in the UK, while simultaneously fewer baseballs are sold there than anywhere else.
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with local team St Mirren's "Love Street Division." Probably not.
my face your, Jun 03 2003

       Nobody tells me when to go mental! *POW!* How'd ya like that laddie?
snarfyguy, Jun 03 2003

       I'll let those who really know the subject comment on it. All I have to say is that you look up the definition of "riot" and you'll find out they're meant to disturb the existing order. Creating a new one will only give them more reasons to riot.
Pericles, Jun 03 2003


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