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Heavy implements

When you just don't have time for everything
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Whilst speaking to a guy at a wedding last week the conversation came round to his new (soon to be moved into) house and his new (soon to be born) baby. He was also talking about all the decorating that will need to be done and the commuting into London and saying that he wouldn't have time to get to the gym.

As well as the Gym-Car on the train (see seperate post), I also thought of having paintbrushes, rollers etc that are designed along the same line as dumbells - so he could work (some of) his muscles whilst decorating.

Weights could be added or taken off according to the workout you want.

My new friend at the wedding thought it would work, and stated that depending on which muscles you wanted to work you could paint in different directions or hold the brush in different ways.

Various other implements (vacuum cleaner etc) could be made much heavier to work other muscles than shoulders and arms...

kmlabs, Jun 21 2005

Gym Carriage Gym_20Carriage
the other idea born at the wedding [kmlabs, Jun 21 2005]

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